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Check for Duplicates

CardScan for SalesForce will by default check for duplicates. If your organization has a specific policy for checking duplicates this feature can be disabled using the Scan210 custom options (see next section). You can specify how you want Scan 210 to check for duplicates. The default is First Name and Last Name or Email Address. To modify these settings, select SALESFORCE -> Settings -
> Duplicates. Select or deselect the options you want by clicking on the check boxes.When you attempt to transfer the record to SalesForce the program will check if there are any duplicate Account records and Contact records. If a potential duplicate is found, it will display a Resolve Duplicates window where you will be able to verify  the duplicate record.  
Simple Accurate Data Entry

Scan business cards into SalesForce using the CardScan business card scanner.  CardScan® for SalesForce is the proven data entry solution that makes it easy to capture and enter contacts – completely and accurately – into your SalesForce system.

Its Easy

CardScan automatically captures the data and sorts it into the correct SalesForce  fields. Review the data, verify its accuracy, and add appropriate lead sources and topics
— and then transfer everything directly to  with a single click.

Its Accurate

With CardScan® for SalesForce, you’ll put an end to typos and other manual data entry errors. You’ll dramatically reduce incomplete or inaccurate records. And you’ll eliminate duplicate records – because CardScan software spots and flags duplicates automatically as it transfer data to your CRM system.

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Scan business cards directly into  SalesForce using the CardScan business card scanner

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