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Trial Download

Thank you for your interest in our 30 day free trial.  Use the following link to download the software.

You will need your SalesForce username and password along with Security Token to activate the trial.


Trial download installation notes:

Once you have downloaded and installed the Scan210 software, you will need your Security Token to activate the software. The security token is assigned by  To retrieve your

Login to complete the login. If your company uses a Proxy Server, you can enter the details by clicking on the Proxy Server check box. If your login was not successful, check your username and password and ask your administrator if your company requires the use of a security token. Ask your administrator to assist you in creating a security token.

Scan210 User Guide

Using Custom Options

Scan210 for SalesForce administrator features establishes the customized parameters that are available when you create Scan210 for SalesForce records and transfer them to


These parameters are:

Click Here to download the software

Click here to view the Scan210 User Guide. It contains screen shots of the user interface and all the details you will need to fully utilize the features.

Log into and select SETUP.Next select My Personal Information.  From here you will see a link to “Reset My Security Token”. Once you click this link SalesForce will email you a Security Token.  Enter it in the Security Token box in the Scan210 logon screen.