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Scan Business Cards into

Now its easier than ever to populate contacts into using the CardScan Business Card Scanner and Scan210 connector to  

Scanning Features
Scan and process business cards directly into
For cards with information on both sides, capture and include an image of the back of the card. The ability to start CardScan simply by inserting a business card into the scanner. The scanners automatic detection of the cards is always
enabled. When the scanner detects a card, it starts the program.
Accuracy Verification
The usability of an address book depends on how accurate the data
is. CardScan makes it easy for you to verify the data by drawing
your attention to the fields where the information may be inaccurate.
CardScan Check Details feature helps you verify that the details
of names and addresses have been placed in the correct fields, and
enables you to correct any errors easily.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface


Simply move the cursor around the CardScan window, pointing at various parts of it. You will notice that almost any element in the window represents a function, and the description of the function appears in the balloon help.  List View icons allowing you to display contacts in List View in the format that suits you best.


These icons provide you with a variety of views, ranging from a collection of card images only to the level of details that allows you to interact with the data (for example, locate an address on the web map by clicking on the address in the List View.)  With the Duplicates Wizard, automatically find and manage duplicate contact information.

Contact Management Features

Utilizing the user interface you can search for an existing account to associate the new contact with and assign a contact owner from a list of users in your organization.

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